Farmers Cooperative

Cocoa Family Farms Cooperative benefits both individual farmers and the long-term supply of everyone’s beloved chocolate.

Cocoa Family helps farms to gain higher yield by supporting with training methods and programs, which result in higher output per acres, improve living conditions, and help farmers increase the quality of their cocoa. A-well organized cooperative helps farmers within many areas. They can grow a diversity of other food crops among their cocoa, keep the river water pesticide-free. It also provides food for farmers and also a source of extra income.

Cooperative is a must to a successful cocoa farming. It provides farmers with resources and secures the sale of their crop at good prices, provides services to its members, such as training, equipment, etc. It also helps to establish governance structure and processes that empower local communities.

Cocoa Family Farms Cooperative aims to improve the standard of living of our their member families, use agricultural methods, increase quality, and diversify both agricultural and industrial production.

We are constantly working to increase organic yield by expanding our membership and technical training and also looking for additional buyers. Our cooperative constantly assists farmers with rebuilding their farms, implementing better agricultural methods and paying premium for their crops.

We have brought new system and security to farmers who were thrown from one middleman buyer to another, where they used to receive unfairly low prices for their cocoa because of selling to middleman companies.