Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Family produces both the Sanchez and the famous Hispaniola beans. We have the Criollo and Trinitario tree varieties.

Sanchez Cocoa Beans
Our Sanchez cocoa beans are non- fermented, organically grown and sun dried.




Hispaniola Cocoa Beans
Good chocolate making starts at the farm. Great chocolate begins with great beans. With unique technology deployed at the processing facilities, The Family is able to invent new fermentation, drying and roasting techniques. The facility also has small batch chocolate making capabilities, where the results of each fermented batch can be tasted right there on the farm giving room for any modifications that need to be done before sending product out to clients.

During fermentation the cocoa pulp clinging to the beans matures and turns into a liquid, which drains away and the true chocolate flavor starts to develop. We use three stage box method for fermentation. When fermentation is complete, the wet mass of beans is naturally sun-dried.