Chocolate Processing Companies Look to Cocoa Family for Quality and Value

Great chocolate is a result of great cocoa.

Within this premise, the Cocoa Family maintains the highest standard in cultivating and processing their cocoa beans in order to accommodate the chocolate processing companies. No wonder then, that confectionery companies place their trust in the Cocoa Family when it comes to high quality cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and other cocoa products.

As a wholesale supplier, the Cocoa Family has consistently managed to provide the highest grade of beans and other cocoa products. The Cocoa Family works directly with processors in order to ensure that the requirements of their clients are accommodated down to the last specification. Since 2008, the company has maintained a direct negotiation set-up by establishing an operations and purchasing office in California while operating a farm facility in the Dominican Republic, where the cocoa trees are being cultivated and beans have been processed. With this strategy, the Cocoa Family, has been able to eliminate the role of the intermediary, thereby, creating a stronger relationship with their clientele of chocolate exporters, processing companies and manufacturers of cocoa-based products all over the world.

Modern Facilities and Well-Trained Farmers

The production of great cocoa ingredients is hugely determined by how it was grown and processed. The cocoa beans come from the plantation in the Dominican Republic where the weather and soil conditions are ideal for cultivating cocoa trees. Not only that, the company grows cocoa trees using organic methods which means that from the compost down to the maintenance, there are no commercial chemical substances involved.

When the beans are ready to be harvested, they undergo the process of drying and fermenting. The plant utilizes modern technology to ensure that every ingredient is produced within the highest quality possible. Apart from the modern equipment, the Family sees that the cocoa farmers work with the right quality beans needed in cultivating the very best cocoa beans.

The cocoa growers constantly undergo additional training, education and skills development in order to help them improve their strategy for better harvests. In addition, the satisfaction of the farmers does not only come from the additional knowledge to improve their strategy, but also improves their quality of living. This has not been possible before with the presence of a middleman company.

Huge Savings and Better Profits

One of the biggest disadvantages when dealing with a middleman would be the pricing structure. On the part of the manufactures and processing companies, they get to purchase wholesale cocoa beans at high costs, but the quality of the beans may not be a par with the best standards. This can translate to lower profits since they are not able to produce the best grade cocoa products. On the other side of the spectrum, the cocoa growers are also on the losing end, since their harvests are being bought at a lower value since the intermediary negotiates wholesale beans to be sold at the lowest price possible. With the elimination of the middleman, the Family is able to work and shpply wholesale cocoa products within their own competitive pricing structure and with the availablily of modern facilities and farms from individual cocoa farmers, they get to save more on the operational expenses. Thus, acquiring supplies from Cocoa Family will result in higher profits and higher quality of manufactured cocoa-based products.

Accessibility and Quality In One

One of the biggest disadvantages of dealing directly with cocoa growers, for most manufacturers and production companies, is the traveling to the Dominican Republic in order to pursue negotiations. With the Cocoa Family, this disadvantage is taken off the list. This Cocoa Family follows an aggressive pricing structure that can complete with all other growers and suppliers from the Dominican Republic minus the inconvenience.

Manufacturers can expect not only the highest grade of cocoa products possible, but also they can look forward to a great working reliationship with the reliablity of the Cocoa Family.