Processing Facilities

Our processing facilities produce the main cocoa products or ingredients: cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor and cocoa nibs.

On arrival at the factory, the cocoa beans are sorted and cleaned.


The dried beans are cracked and a stream of air separates the shell from the nib, the small pieces used to make chocolate.


The nibs are roasted in special ovens at controlled temperatures depending on the desired type of flavor and product. During roasting, the cocoa nibs darken to a rich, brown color and acquire their characteristic chocolate flavor and aroma. This flavor however, actually starts to develop during fermentation.


The roasted nibs are ground in stone mills until the friction and heat of the milling reduces them to a thick chocolate-colored liquid, known as ‘mass.’ It contains 45-48% cocoa butter and solidifies on cooling.


The cocoa mass is pressed in powerful machines to extract the cocoa butter, vital to making chocolate.

The solid blocks of compressed cocoa remaining after extraction (presscake) are pulverized into a fine powder to produce a high-grade cocoa powder for use as a beverage or in cooking.